Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Activity "Icee-Pop Paint Brush"

Summer is well on the way with hot steamy temperatures and sunny days. Many of us are enjoying working in our yards and gardens. As we begin to spend more time outdoors we are looking for projects that we can have on hand for our children to do outdoors that are both fun and educational. I will be sharing some of my favorite activities that I have used for my students outdoors.

Here is a wonderful activity to try:

Icee-Pop Paint Brush

You will need:

Painting smock
Wax paper cups
Craft sticks
Non-toxic washable paint)
Paper to paint on

  • Pour at least 2-3 inches of paint into the wax cup.

  • Cover cup top with a piece of foil.

  • Insert the craft stick through the foil into the paint to the middle of the cup.
  • Place cups into the freezer.

  • Once frozen solid, remove the Icee Pop Paint Brush from cup.

  • Hold the craft stick handle, dip the Icee-Paint Brush into water and begin to paint on paper.

I have used this wonderful Icee Pop Paint Brush outside by hanging paper on the fence and letting the budding artists paint away. During this activity you can explore with your child art techniques such as:

mixing colors (only make red-yellow-blue Icee Pop Paint Brushes)
texture painting (put different textures under the paper that they will be painting on)
use different types of paper
different styles of art and artists(hang or post pictures of different kind of painting styles)

The Icee Pop Paint Brush can be used to demonstrate the following:

dabbing techniques
fast brush strokes
slow brush strokes
small brush strokes
large brush strokes
up and down brush strokes
shape painting

Along with art you will also be exploring science when using the Icee Pop Paint Brushes. Painting with these brushes the child will observe first hand the melting and evaporation process. Add setting up a timer, scale and a ruler to measure as well as chart the melting and evaporation process of the Icee Pop Paint Brushes. When making your chart pick set time increments to check the Icee Pop Paint Brushes. (every 5 minute) Children can make hypothesis as to how long it will take, how much melting will occur during each time charted, and if color will effect how much the Icee Pop Paint Brush will melt. Use different shaped containers to freeze the Icee Pop Paint Brushes. Will the different shaped containers effect how much the Icee Pop Paint Brush will melt? Which one was the fastest -slowest? Have them brainstorm on different hypotheses.

Brainstorm and add your own activities to explore using these fun Icee Pop Paint Brushes.


Yes, I know what you are thinking...they are going to put it in there mouth. Well there is always one child that will want to taste. That is why I recommend using non toxic washable paint. This is a wonderful activity to introduce what is edible and non edible.


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